St. Claire's Organics manufactures certified organic, allergen-free breath mints, herbal candies, Fruit Tarts, Aromatherapy Pastilles®  and gourmet cocoas - all in a base of organic molasses granules.

We make GREAT TASTING healthy products for your healthy lifestyle!

You can buy St. Claire’s Organics™ right here online or at your favorite natural health food store.
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All of our products are Allergen-Free and produced in a dedicated allergen-free facility

Certified Organic | Allergen-free | GMO-free | Vegan | No artificial ingredients or preservatives | No animal by-products | Fat-free | Low-carb | Low-calorie | Low-glycemic | Delicious!

What St. Claire's Organic Candy Customers Are Saying:

St. Claire's Organic Sweets

Reviewed by Glenn Perrett

I fondly remember many kinds of candies from my childhood. And while you want to minimize your children's (and your) intake of sweets, you don't want to deprive them of the joy of eating candies altogether. Besides watching how much candy our children, Liam and Gleannan, eat, being vegan, my wife Lynn and I also have to monitor what candy they consume. So many candies contain animal ingredients, such as gelatin.

Recently our family tried some of St. Claire's Organic Sweets. Founded by master herbalist Debra St. Claire in 1993, St. Claire's Organics produces sweets without animal by-products or refined sugars. St. Claire's Organic Sweets are not only vegan, but they are also certified organic, wheat and gluten-free, dairy and casein-free, corn, soy and egg-free, peanut and tree nut-free, fish and shell fish-free, gelatin-free and even GMO (genetically-modified organisms)-free. Their sweets also do not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The flavors are made from essences of the actual plant. The sweeteners used aren't refined sugars but certified organic molasses granules and evaporated cane juice.

Lynn and I, along with Liam and Gleannan, tried several of St. Claire's Organic Sweets. Their Organic Tarts Collection was very good and it was a particular hit with Gleannan. These "naturally sweet" candies are packed with flavor and are available in: peach, watermelon, tangerine, lime, raspberry, and lemon.

I really enjoyed the "Organic Mints Collection" which features wintermints (my favorite), peppermints and spearmints. Other candies available in tins are licorice sweets (which are awesome), ginger, raspberry and lemon tarts. Read more here.

St. Claire's Organic Tarts

Reviewed by C. Lewis

Wow! These products are great! I have children with food allergies and these are about the only candy that I can give them. Not only are they suitable for my kids allergies they taste great and they LOVE them. I just ordered three new flavors that I am super excited to try. Yum! Keep on making such great health conscious treats! Thanks, C. Lewis

St. Claire's Organic Candies

Reviewed by Kayla Marie, age 16

As you pass through the check out line at your local supermarket it's hard not to notice all the candies that are screaming for your attention with their bright and colorful wrappers. Like many, I find it hard to say no to those Sour Patch Kids, Snickers Bars and Laffy Taffy. Since becoming vegan, my intake of candy, especially chocolate has gone down, but occasionally my sweet tooth tells me I need some sugar!

In reality, we all know candy is not good for us at all, but it's so deliciuos! I have good news for all you sugar lovers - St. Claire Organic’s offers the most wonderful variety of candy. Not only is the candy vegan, it's certified organic and free of wheat, gluten, dairy, casein, corn, soy, egg, peanuts, and tree nuts. These are definitely healthy candies!

When I received the box of organic candies I was a little skeptical, viewing them as never being able to compare to our normal candies. I was totally wrong! I choose the Cherry organic tarts for my first sample. As I popped the tart into my mouth a sweetness and sourness soaked into my tastebuds. As I moved through the different samples, I noticed that my teeth didn’t feel like they do when I've just eaten a box of Sour Patch Kids. I also didn't feel guilty for snacking on these candies. Not only do they have the most wonderful candy, but hot chocolate mix for those cold winter days, mints, tummy soothers (these really do work) and throat soothers. They have all kinds of organic sweets to meet your needs.

I give St. Claries organic candies a five-star rating. They are the best!

Organic Candy - Sweet Raspberry Tarts

Review by The Whole Food

I’ve been munching on these little sweet raspberry tarts (from St. Claire's Organics) since the Natural Foods Expo. They’re a yummy burst of tart raspberry flavor that dissolve quickly in your mouth, which is nice because if you have small children it’s best if a candy dissolves quickly so they don’t choke on it.

Raspberries are naturally tart, and if you like that fruity-bite, then you’d like these tarts. There’s no other candy on the market like them!

St. Claire's Organic Ginger Snaps

C.D., San Carlos, CA

Thank you so much for your Organic Ginger Snaps! They help me so much with my benign positional vertigo (BPV). It cuts down my use of medicine (available in Rx or Bonine OTC) which causes drowsiness. Ginger doesn’t affect alertness and works very well for the days or weeks following an initial episode. When I took up square dancing, I would pop in a ginger snap – saving the day –as it permitted me to have worry-free fun.

It also has quickly helped take away threatening stomach upset (riding in a car).

St. Claire's Organic Ginger Snaps

D.S., Rainsville, AL

I have suffered with the nausea for so long and have tried a great many products. When I saw the tin of Organic Ginger Snaps by the cash register, knowing ginger is good for nausea, I bought them and tried them right away. I was very surprised that it actually does work and my nausea went away. Soon as the nausea comes on, I keep one or two in my mouth to dissolve, and the nausea subsides.

Thank you so much for this product. I have tried so many things but this actually works.

St. Claire's Organic Spearmints

R.L., Tonasket, Washington

I've got to tell you how much I love the Spearmint mints. As soon as they arrived at our plumbing shop, I opened one tin, took it with me on a short run to town, tried one on the way, and was HOOKED! By the time I got back to the shop, a couple of the tins were missing - a couple of the plumbers discovered them too! Those are great tasting! YUM. And Thanks!

What St. Claire's Organic Candy Customers Are Saying ON AMAZON:

Amazon Customer writes,

I have used these for several years. LOVE them as an alternative to the antacid's filled with ingredients dangerous to our health. Very effective and valuable to my health.

Amazon Customer writes,

I was looking for an easy to use and consume peppermint lozenge to use as a pick me up on long runs and long bike rides. I was disappointed to see added sugar and/or corn syrup in every product I could find (sorry, NOT HEALTHY). St Claire's is not only organic, and all natural, but ALL HEALTHY! Fantastic product, and super affordable by with bulk packed product, and even includes the retail tin.

Amazon Customer writes,

I've been searching for some mints that meet my paleo standards. The only ingredients listed are molasses granules and peppermint essential oil. These are perfect! They have a great peppermint taste. Thank you St. Claire's!!!!

Amazon Customer writes,

These were by far the best licorice tasting mints. I only eat real black licorice and these tasted the same but in mint form. Would recommend and order again. Customer writes,

Recently on a trip to Frankenmuth, MI, I was feeling a little stomach upset after the drive.  The Tummy Soothers were recommended by a gal in one of the shops and they saved the day.  Stomach upset gone.....a great day in Frankenmuth!  I've since placed an order and received it just the other day.  Can't wait to try some of the other products.  :O) Customer writes,

The Tummy Soothers have been a "lifesaver". My boyfriend discovered them a few years ago while he was going through the process of being diagnosed with celiac. I tried them because I tend to over eat and end up with belly aches:-) Our daughter is fairly picky about what she's willing to put in her mouth but if she has a tummy ache I hand her one of these and she pops it in. They really do work and are a regular item in our house and vehicles. We love the empty tins, also!

10% of the profits from our products are donated to the EthnoMedicine Preservation Project® to preserve the medicinal plant knowledge of indigenous cultures.

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