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Herbal Medicine Chest

Creating and Using a Home Herbal Medicine Chest

Learn everything you need to know about preparing herbal medicines and natural therapies from this beautiful, full color video series, in the convenience of your own home!

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This outstanding herbalist video and reference manual teaches you how to make:

  • Herbal Salves
  • Tinctures
  • Extracts
  • Liniments
  • Oils
  • Ointments
  • Cough Syrups

  • Glycerites
  • Lozenges
  • Oxymels
  • Powders
  • Electuaries
  • Suppositories
  • Skin care products and MUCH more!

It covers Wildcrafting, Preservation and Storage techniques and includes a therapy section which teaches you how to do:

  • Herbal Poultices
  • Castor Oil Packs
  • Fomentations
  • Compresses

  • Plasters
  • Steams
  • Baths and many other herbal therapies.

A well respected herbalist's classic in its field, this complete course on Herbal Preparations and Natural Therapies will give you the skills necessary to create and use your own Home Herbal Medicine Chest.

The complete Home Herbal Medicine Chest set includes:

  • Four hours of full-color video instruction
  • 150 page, illustrated laboratory reference - resource manual
  • 140 page Pocket Herbal Reference Guide

What people say about HERBAL PREPARATIONS AND NATURAL THERAPIES, Creating and Using A Home Herbal Medicine Chest...

"Educational, entertaining, and highly usable. From the novice kitchen herbalist, through those who may want to make a business of natural remedies, this package is extremely worthwhile." – Alive Magazine

"Extremely well researched. More than just informative, this video is practical and easy to follow. A must for anyone with an interest in herbs and natural self care."
– Robert Aronsen, Healthy and Natural

"If you've ever dreamed of having your own herbal medicine chest, completely stocked with herbs gathered by yourself, this video is for you! Watching these infusions, tinctures, syrups, lozenges, etc. created - from gathering them in wild meadows to sticking on the labels - is fascinating and irresistible. Master Herbalist Debra St. Claire is an excellent teacher." –Body, Mind and Spirit

"Not only is this herbal workshop package a wonderful concept, it is expertly done. It has been carefully executed so that anyone can start producing remedies from scratch. I was very impressed."
– Helene Meurer, Best of the Books

"What we have here is a visual encyclopedia of herbal preparations and natural remedies. Highly recommended."
–Video Librarian

"Even if your previous experience is limited to dropping an herbal tea bag into a cup of hot water, you can quickly learn to make your own herbal preparations under the tutelage of St. Claire. Well made, entertaining."
–Natural Health

"Debra St. Claire's pioneering use of instructional video may do for the world of herbal education what Julia Child did for French cooking in the US. The four hours of instruction is the equivalent of 36 hours of hands-on teaching. The material is significantly more than I received in 24 hours of formal classes on the same topic. It teaches how to make every herbal preparation I have ever heard of."
–Paul Bergner, Medical Herbalism

"Thanks for sharing this knowledge, it's the best money I've ever spent!"
– David Franklin, Asheville, NC

" It was a delightful surprise to see this presentation. It has long been needed, and everyone in the natural health care field should become acquainted with it. We must all become more aware of the beauty and abundance which Nature has provided us in the form of these useful plants. I truly endorse the ideas and efforts which resulted in this wonderful video."
–Dr. Bernard Jensen, PhD., Nutritionist

Debra St. Claire holds Master Herbalist degrees from Dominion Herbal College and the School of Natural Healing. She has been involved in the field of herbal medicine for 35 years and has taught classes in the subject since 1984. A highly respected international author and lecturer, Debra has also developed over 300 herbal products for the Natural Products Industry. She is presently CEO of the Boulder, Colorado based company, EcoNatural Solutions, Inc., and is the Executive Director of the EthnoMedicine Preservation Project, which preserves the medicinal plant knowledge of indigenous cultures.

ISBN # 0-9623812-0-9

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