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Allergen Free List

Each and Every St. Claire's Organics Product Is:

  •     100% Vegetarian
  •     Organically Certified by Oregon Tilth and the USDA
  •     Wheat-Free
  •     Gluten-Free
  •     Peanut and Tree Nut-Free
  •     Dairy-Free
  •     Corn-Free
  •     Soy-Free
  •     Shellfish and Fish-Free
  •     Gelatin-Free
  •     Casein-Free
  •     Genetically Modified Organism-Free (GMO)

*If you have any questions whatsoever about any of our ingredients please contact us with your specific question.

Raspberry Tart Organic Candy Wintermint Mint Organic Candy Peppermint Mint Organic Candy Lemon Tarts Organic Candy Licorice Sweets Organic Candy Ginger Sweets Organic Candy Spearmint Mints Organic Candy Certified Organic Tummy Soother Organic Pastille Lozenge Tangerine Tarts Organic Candy Watermelon Tarts ORganic Candy Throat Soother Organic Pastille Lozenge Raspberry Tarts Organic Candy Sour Lemon Tarts Organic Candy Key Lime Tarts Organic Candy Peach Tarts Organic Candy St. Claire's Organics